Our Mantra:

Love God, Love People, Love Life, LOVE UP!

Our Mission:

To make the world a better place one plastic water bottle at a time, one dignified wage at a time, one smile at a time, one t-shirt at a time!

The term “Love Up” was coined by our friends, Cooper & Zack Maldonado, back in 2011. 

Cooper and Jessica Tillery (JT) discussed a clothing line, but it just wasn’t the right time. Six years later JT partnered with Jessica Winkelhausen (JW) to launch The Love Up Movement. 

Through the years, JT has established a successful screen printing business, but noticed there are some concerns within the industry.  We want to take a stand and improve those problems. 

God put it on JT’s heart to take a stand against pollution, orphanism and discrimination and to advocate love and faith. 

With this calling, JT partnered up with JW, who is a spiritual powerhouse and successful business woman, to make this a better world.

After tons of prayer, the two Jess’s had a clear vision to launch a shirt of the month faith based company and contribute to solving world problems through commerce and love and by bringing social awareness through business. 

While Love Up was established in 2011, it was through this clear vision in 2019 that the Love Up Movement was birthed.  

Our vision was to combat these 4 major global issues:

Problem #1: The textile/garment industry is the 2nd most wasteful industry in the world!  We also have a massive plastic problem.  1 Million plastic water bottles are sold every minute world wide.  1.4 Billion everyday.  525 Billion every year.  Less than 10% are recycled.  The rest end up in landfill or polluting the ocean.

Problem #2: Most t-shirts are sewn in 3rd world countries for undignified wages and in undignified working conditions. 

Problem #3: There are so many people in this world who need help in time of crisis or unfair circumstances.  Community and charity is invaluable. 

Problem #4: We live in a beautiful world, but unfortunately it’s still a world plagued by hate, division, judgement, hopelessness, prejudice and lack of confidence in authenticity. 

The vision was clear…..

Have an Environmental Impact!

Launch a subscription based monthly shirt club where you will receive a shirt in the mail once a month, BUT…it’s not just a shirt.  Yes, these shirts are super comfy, super cute and trendy, super rad designs…BUT the best part of this is that these shirts will contribute to a better world…

Jess & Jess partnered with an amazing company called Allmade and use their shirts for the monthly subscriptions. 

Allmade discovered that the plastic in water bottles has the same chemical makeup as polyester, so they can be cleaned and processed into polyester yarn, reducing waste.  They use SIX plastic water bottles to create 1 t-shirt.  SIX!  Our world is getting more eco conscience and turning to reusable bottles, but let’s face it, it will be decades before water bottles are eliminated.  And many people do not have access to clean water, making purified bottled water their only option. Since plastic water bottles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon - rather then them going into our landfills and oceans, let’s recycle them into a shirt!  Brilliant!  Allmade also uses significantly less water, less chemicals and less crude oil than most shirt manufacturers. (You can learn more about this intriguing and beautiful process by visiting our website or the Allmade website).

Have a Humanitarian Impact!

Allmade also partnered with The Global Orphan Project to help prevent orphanism in Haiti.  Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world and unfortunately orphans are far too prevalent.

International orphanism is more like child abandonment due to financial resources

This global project came in and created living wage factories in Haiti making t-shirts. 

These Haitians are paid fair market wages, which allow parents the opportunity to remain united with their children, reducing the orphan crisis.

Have a Local Impact!

This movement will give back locally, providing a portion of the profits to local charities and causes in need throughout the nation.  For every subscription, $1 will be given to a local charity.  That charity will be different every month.  Foster kids, families affected by tragedies, etc.

Have a Spiritual Impact!

Most importantly, this movement will help spread the love through positive words, affirmations, scriptures and apparel that will make you look and feel blessed, grateful and beautiful. 

The shirts are RAD…great quality, super comfy and trendy, but the logo will be powerful!  (The shirts are printed at All Quality Graphics in Sacramento, CA and shipped out in a recycled mailer.)

We don’t live in a perfect nation, but we live in a great nation.  Love Up's mission is to make it an even better world by contributing to solving world problems through commerce and love and by bringing social awareness though business. 

Love Up is about loving all. We are all created equal.  We are all children of God….

Love Up is faith based; however, the whole premise behind Love Up is to love unconditionally without judgement.  It’s about inclusion, acceptance and spreading the love.  It doesn’t matter if you’re black/white/asian/portuguese, christian/catholic, straight/gay, republican/democrat, white collar/blue collar, rich/poor, etc etc.  It’s about us all being created equal and being children of God. 

You don’t know what anyone has been through unless you’ve walked in their shoes.  So do not judge.

The biggest part of Love Up is spreading hope, joy, faith and happiness though a package.  Our designs will be meaningful messages intended to create smiles, spread hope and spread joy.  It will be a reminder to be grateful and a reminder of how important it is to be kind and love others.  You don’t know what they have been through or where they stand.  Find the good in everyone. 

The amazing Dr. Matin Luther King Jr. said, I have a dream. 

He lead through love, compassion, kindness and determination to create a better world.

We too have a dream and we believe that together we can make this a better world.   

Please join us in this movement!  On a small scale, we won’t make a difference, on a large scale, we’ll make a HUGE difference!  We need you!  The world needs you - Love Up!! 

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